We invite you to study Russian with us!
Our course is designed for the needs of foreign people who would like to speak Russian fluently and our methods combine intensive teaching with personal and communicative approach including speaking, grammar, reading, writing and listening skills. All our courses are run by experienced and qualified teaching staff. By the end of the course, you will have acquired a large vocabulary and a basic introduction to Russian grammar, and you will be able to have conversations in a variety of situations. We use different games, pictures and cards to make learning fast and fun. The course timetable is flexible and can be worked out individually. You can have lessons in locations other than our centre.
Our teachers use Communicative approach which means that students acquire the skills through interaction in Russian language. The accent on functional vocabulary, grammar, speaking, reading, writing and listening patterns will help you to start speaking from the first lesson gradually improving your skills. Our methodology emphasizes not just listening to the teacher, but having personal contact with the language, practicing sounds and formulating sentences.
Study Programmes
General Russian
This course is intended for a very wide audience. It will help people with little or no knowledge of Russian. The general Russian language course is designed to teach you conversational Russian to socialize, read books and newspapers in Russian, watch TV and movies. This course includes reading original Russian literature, newspapers, and magazines and incorporates a different set of course and reference books by the best Russian methodologists and is planned to train major language skills of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.
Business Russian
This course is designed for business people who feel the lack of Russian language. This course provides insight into the country's economy and enables students to use Russian language in business. You will learn how to use Russian in different business situations and also how to develop your grammatical and conversational skills. We provide various material including audio, video and computer programmes and a schedule to meet your personal needs.
One-to-One Courses
One-to-one classes are demanding and require full concentration in order to achieve best results. The exact content of the course is jointly determined by the teacher and the student. The student is invited to specify his/her fields of interests, which gives the teacher an idea of what the student aims to achieve and allows him to establish a study-plan and prepare a specific vocabulary. One-to-one classes are available for all levels. Course schedule is flexible and can be agreed on individually.
Corporate Courses
Corporate clients can choose a language course in General and Business Russian to improve their staff members' language skills to meet their business and professional interests. You will pick up the skills you need for different situations - meeting and greeting people, finding your way, dining, shopping, and using the telephone, medical help, emergencies and much more than that.
Terms of participation

You may join our courses any time – we work all year round.
If you have any previous knowledge of Russian you should take a placement test. You are kindly asked to register for the test beforehand.
For course registration, please call us tel.: +7 (727) or  or send us a message indicating your enquiry.


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